A Lesson on China

On Friday last we had a wonderful lesson on China prepared and presented by Aoife, Ciara & Ellen.

The girls worked together over the last few weeks planning and preparing their lesson. Their Powerpoint presentation was enriched by a number of resources including photographs, drawings, Internet articles, Chinese clothes, dolls and even a very delicate Chinese sceptre.

Congratulations girls on an amazing lesson and thank you for all the time you spent preparing it. We all learned something new…..even Ms. Fay!

Children, please let us know what you learned about China from the girls’ lesson by leaving a comment.

October 6, 2012. Teach a Lesson.


  1. christy replied:

    the girls did a good job 🙂

  2. Soraya Pirbazari replied:

    the girls did a great impression of our first lesson taught by some of our class ❤

  3. amanda replied:

    i lernd that the forbidden city was semetrical and you cant get in or out

  4. Tomi Ayibiowu replied:

    Aoife,Ellen and Ciara did very well with their project and I learned a lot of things.

  5. oisin replied:

    I thought Aoife,Ellen and Ciara did a very good job. I learned that the emperors could only wear yellow or red.

  6. ella replied:

    i think it was very well prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aoife replied:

    I had a great time presenting this and I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something from it

  8. ludiana replied:

    the girls did a very good job 🙂

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