Thinking like Scientists

Last week we were challenged to think like scientists in order to design a box that would hold 24 cylinders which were 2cm wide and 5cm tall.

 Working in teams of fours (and one pair) we measured the sides and faces, then we started building our box. The sides were made of green card stuck together with glue and sellotape. Lots of sellotape. Some were gigantic, others were tiny. A scientist called Susan came in to give us advice and help us make our boxes. Most of the boxes are finished now and they look great. A BIG thank you to Susan and Ms Fay who helped us design and construct our boxes.

Written by Ellen & Aoife

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October 16, 2012. Science.


  1. Ciara brophy replied:

    I enjoyed making these boxes ,although it was tricky because we were in a pair instead of a group i still had great fun (:

  2. Mark replied:

    The science was fun but it was a bit difficult.

  3. Niall replied:

    I enjoyed the science but it was. bit difficult when we were measuring the box.

  4. Cara :) replied:

    It was really fun making these boxes ,but the first time we got the measuring wrong so we had to do it again. 😉

  5. ludiana replied:

    i had fun and tricky 🙂

  6. amanda replied:

    the science was very tricky and fun

  7. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I loved making these boxes but it was a bit hard 🙂

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