Friday Challenge

This Friday’s challenge is a two-part challenge. The first is Doodle for Google which we have been working on for the last week.

The second part of the challenge is to learn the key vocabulary from our chapter on the water cycle. The key words are:

The Water Cycle: This is the journey that water takes as it goes from land to the sky and back to land again.

Evaporation: This happens when water turns into water vapour or steam.

Condensation: This happens when water vapour or steam meets cold air.

Precipitation: This is when droplets of water fall as rain.

Surface water: Water that falls as rain back to Earth and drains into rivers, lakes and seas.

Ground water: Water that goes deep into the ground and remains in wells and underground lakes.

Don’t forget your water cycle song to help you remember!

Good luck!


November 26, 2012. Friday Challenge.

One Comment

  1. ciara replied:

    yay i got full marks well really everyone did (;

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