A Christmas Surprise

Today Ms.Fay surprised the class with a Christmas tree cake. Everyone had a slice of Christmas delight as they watched Elf. Everyone thought the cake was devine. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by Ava and Ludiana

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Kris Kindle

We had a very exciting day today. First of all we sang the Calypso Carol at our school carol service this morning. Then in the afternoon, we exchanged presents during Kris Kindle in our class. There was lots of thought and kindness put into everyone’s presents.

Well done everybody!

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Christmas Art

We have been very busy over the last few weeks creating our Christmas/Winter scenes. We each sketched out a plan for our scene and then used the same technique for construction that we learned while making our Halloween faces.

We had great fun making them and they turned out really well as you can see!

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Word of the Day – 17th December

Today’s word was suggested by Caoimhe and it is “characteristics”. Caoimhe found this word while reading her book “Spy Dogs 2”.

Characteristics refer to the features or qualities of a person or thing. For example, in our novel Kensuke’s Kingdom, Kensuke had many good characteristics including being kind and caring towards Michael.


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We are getting into the festive spirit because Christmas is our favourite season of the year.


We have been making Winter scenes in Art, writing Christmas stories and learning Christmas carols  for the Carol service next week. We put up our Christmas decorations in our classroom last Friday and we are have organised a Kris Kindle in our classroom. We are enjoying all the preparations!

Written by Amy and Christina

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Word of the Day – 12th December

Our word of the day is “conspiratorially”. I found it on page 112 of Kensuke in this sentence, “He held them up to show me,grinning conspiratorially”.

It means that Kensuke was planning something or had something in mind as he held the hairs up.

Written and suggested by Ella

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A Lesson on Portuguese Culture

On Friday last Soraya and Renitha taught us a wonderful lesson on Portuguese culture.

They prepared and presented a Powerpoint presentation to the class which contained information on Portugal’s location and good luck traditions as well as teaching us some phrases.

Click here to learn some Portuguese from the website the girls recommended.

What did you learn from the girls’ lesson?

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Friday Challenge

This Friday the challenge is to learn the “Calypso Carol” which we will be singing at our school carol service next Wednesday.

Click here to listen to the carol and here are the words:

Calypso Carol

See him lying on a bed of straw
A draughty stable with an open door
Mary cradling the babe she bore
The Prince of Glory is his name.

Oh, how far it is to Bethlehem
To see the Lord appear to men
Just as poor as was a stable then
The prince of glory was his name.

Star of silver sweep across the skies
Shows where Jesus in the manger lies
Shepherds swiftly from their sleep arise
To see the Saviour of the world.


Angels singing in the song you sang
Brings God’s glory to the heart of man
Sing with reverence so the baby can
Bring salvation to the soul.


We will also be joining the whole school in singing “The First Noel” and “O Come all ye Faithful” .

Click on the link for the words of those Christmas carols.


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Friday Challenge

Last Friday the challenge was to crack another conundrum and see how many words you could make. The letters this time were:

o s r d a c t e o n i

The conundrum solution was decorations. decorations

Well done to everybody on a great effort. Our top five word detectives were:

Renitha with an amazing 214 words

Tomi with a fantastic 206 words

Liam with a brilliant 202 words

Donnchadh with a superb 189 words

Ellen with a wonderful 160 words


How did you find this challenge?

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Word of the Day – 10th December

Matthew suggested today’s word and it is “hysterics”. He found it while reading his book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” where it said “Rowley and the children were sent into hysterics“.

Hysterics is a fit of uncontrollable laughing or crying and in this sentence Rowley and his friends took a fit of laughter.

wimpy kid



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