Photostory Presentations

Over the past couple of months we have been working on creating Photostories during our classes in the computer room. We were working in pairs and each pair picked a country they were interested in. We had a range of countries and cities from France, Hawaii, Scotland and Brazil to London, LA, Germany & California. We researched some facts on the countries and downloaded some photos to accompany these facts.

Last week we presented them to the class as you can see below.

What did you learn from watching the other children’s Photostories?

December 3, 2012. Class Projects.


  1. Aoife replied:

    Making & watching the Photostories was great fun and I can’t wait for the C.D.s!

  2. Tomi Ayibiowu replied:

    It was very good fun.
    I cant wait to bring them home!

  3. Aoife replied:

    I really liked Seán and Caoimhe’s Photostory
    It was really enjoyable

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