Friday Challenge

Last Friday the challenge was to crack another conundrum and see how many words you could make. The letters this time were:

o s r d a c t e o n i

The conundrum solution was decorations. decorations

Well done to everybody on a great effort. Our top five word detectives were:

Renitha with an amazing 214 words

Tomi with a fantastic 206 words

Liam with a brilliant 202 words

Donnchadh with a superb 189 words

Ellen with a wonderful 160 words


How did you find this challenge?

December 10, 2012. Friday Challenge.


  1. Liam replied:

    Here is a conundrum eeerridn see if you can get it by Friday!

  2. Liam replied:

    Here is another conundrum: gasbage.

    • Christina replied:

      is it reindeer

      • Christina replied:

        here is another conundrum hthlemeeB good luck 🙂

    • Liam replied:

      Sorry it is not gasbage it is gasanbeb.

  3. Liam replied:

    Is it Bethlehem?

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