Almost Ready!

Our cloak is almost ready. We got every child and every staff member to sign the cloak. We are very graetful to Brenda who helped us sew and iron the cloak. We have been very busy over the past few weeks but it was worth it.                        

Written by Renitha and  Amanda.


January 31, 2013. St. Brigid Project. 5 comments.

Finishing Touches

Our cloak is almost there! Today we signed our names on a panel of the cloak which will be sewn in alongside our drawings. Each class level will have a panel in our cloak so that every child and staff member of the school will sign their name on it.

We are really looking forward to seeing the finished cloak!

January 29, 2013. St. Brigid Project. 4 comments.

Word of the Day – 29th January

Our word of the day is “cascade” and it came up in our discussion on St. Brigid when we were describing her hair.

To cascade means to flow or fall like a waterfall. For example, “St. Brigid’s hair cascaded down her back.”

Written by Soraya

January 29, 2013. Word of the Day. Leave a comment.

Programming using Scratch

scratchToday we were introduced to Scratch programming. You can use Scratch to create animations by writing the scripts for each character (sprite).

To download Scratch, click here. You can download and print a Getting Started Guide by clicking here and you can watch some video tutorials by clicking here.

You can also access the Scratch website to view other people’s projects, download their scripts and to create your own account by clicking here.

To view the projects from our school gallery, click here

Let us know what you think of Scratch and if you have any questions or tips to share.

Good luck!

January 24, 2013. Class News. 5 comments.

Sewing our cloak

Today we worked on stage two of our cloak and this involved sewing borders onto our squares and stitching them together to form a panel. This was very exciting as everybody got to do some sewing on the sewing machine with Brenda’s help and supervision.

Look at how our panel has turned out! What adjectives would you use to describe it? Here’s one….exquisite!

January 24, 2013. St. Brigid Project. 3 comments.

An Amazing Cloak


We have been inspired by our research on St. Brigid to design and create a cloak representing her life. Each fourth class child will illustrate a scene representing St. Brigid’s life and her contribution to Ireland and we will sew these into a cloak.

We are very lucky to have Brenda Mohan to help us with the sewing and we thank her for sharing her time and expertise with us.

We began today by planning out our designs. We then sketched our designs onto a square of cotton before colouring them in. After the first round of colouring, Brenda and Ms. Fay ironed the squares to seal the colours and then we coloured them again. They were sealed for a second time and were given a final colour before being sealed for the final time.

Let us know what you think of the project and how you found each stage by posting a comment.

January 23, 2013. St. Brigid Project. 4 comments.

New School Sculpture


We are really looking forward to seeing the new sculpture that has been specially commissioned for our new school building.

Mark Ryan is the sculptor who has been busy creating a sculpture which celebrates St. Brigid’s. The sculpture represents the life of St. Brigid which is symbolised by the cloak and the oak tree.

You can view some images of Mark creating the sculpture by clicking here.

What do you think of the idea?

Aoife designed her own imaginative sculpture of St. Brigid’s cloak as you can see from the photos below.


January 21, 2013. Class News. 7 comments.

Friday Challenge


St Brigid


We had a wonderful day today as everyone presented their St. Brigid’s projects to the class. We had a mixture of poster presentations and Powerpoint presentations but each project was of a very high standard and we all learned lots of facts about St. Brigid’s life.

What new facts did you learn from undertaking this project?

Congratulations to everybody on some great work!

January 17, 2013. Friday Challenge. 8 comments.

Using Activotes

We are big fans of technology in our class and last week we used the Activote system to cast our votes in a Maths quiz.

We really enjoy using the devices.

January 17, 2013. Class News. 6 comments.

Friday Challenge – Ag Siopadóireacht

Last Friday our challenge was to undertake a comhrá based on the theme of ag siopadóireacht. Each and every comhrá was ar fheabhas with lots of interesting props and frásaí as you can see from the photos. Even Ms. Fay had a go as the siopadóir!

Extra points were awarded to the children who added in some extra Gaeilge. Comhghairdeas do gach duine!!

January 17, 2013. Friday Challenge. 3 comments.

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