Friday Challenge


St Brigid


We had a wonderful day today as everyone presented their St. Brigid’s projects to the class. We had a mixture of poster presentations and Powerpoint presentations but each project was of a very high standard and we all learned lots of facts about St. Brigid’s life.

What new facts did you learn from undertaking this project?

Congratulations to everybody on some great work!

January 17, 2013. Friday Challenge.


  1. Aoife replied:

    An extra fact for your project is that St Brigid had two sisters. One was a healer the other one was a silversmith.

  2. Tomi Ayibiowu replied:

    I hope mine is very good.Im sure everybody else’s will be.

  3. Soraya Pirbazari replied:

    i cant wait to see everyone’s project i’m sure they’ll all be great!

  4. Aoife replied:

    Everyone’s project was very good and I liked watching them

  5. Ava replied:

    Everyone’s project was great I would rate them 10/10 🙂

  6. Ciara Brophy replied:

    The projects were great I loved them

  7. Christina replied:

    i think everyone’s project was great

  8. Grace replied:

    I really liked doing a project for the Friday challenge.It was really fun! : ]

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