An Amazing Cloak


We have been inspired by our research on St. Brigid to design and create a cloak representing her life. Each fourth class child will illustrate a scene representing St. Brigid’s life and her contribution to Ireland and we will sew these into a cloak.

We are very lucky to have Brenda Mohan to help us with the sewing and we thank her for sharing her time and expertise with us.

We began today by planning out our designs. We then sketched our designs onto a square of cotton before colouring them in. After the first round of colouring, Brenda and Ms. Fay ironed the squares to seal the colours and then we coloured them again. They were sealed for a second time and were given a final colour before being sealed for the final time.

Let us know what you think of the project and how you found each stage by posting a comment.

January 23, 2013. St. Brigid Project.


  1. Ava replied:

    It was so fun and everyone did something different on their cloth

  2. Ciara Brophy replied:

    Everyone’s projects were amazing and I loved the power points they were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (;

  3. Ciara Brophy replied:

    The cloak making was even better though soooo fun

  4. Christina replied:

    i really want to see the cloak when it’s finished

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