Our Masterpiece!


Our phenomenal cloak has been finished and turned out to be a real showstopper at the opening ceremony of our new school. Everyone was talking about it!

Brenda very carefully finished sewing the cloak and as you can see, there was a white panel for each class level from junior infants to fourth class to sign. Fifth and sixth class signatures were in the squares around the bottom and every teacher and staff member in the school signed another panel.

Grace wore the cloak during the procession of symbols at the opening ceremony and afterwards we all had our photo taken with the cloak in the hall….even Ms. Fay and Brenda.

What a wonderful day!

February 4, 2013. St. Brigid Project.


  1. wellington replied:

    that was a special day

  2. Liam replied:

    It certainly was phenomenal.

  3. Aoife's mum replied:

    Did you know that the cloak was displayed at the parent’s dinner dance?
    I thought it was really beautiful. What a wonderful memento of your school opening ceremony!

  4. ludiana kabuci replied:

    i thought making the cloak was very fun.

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