Creating Maps of Kensuke’s Kingdom

We are finished reading our novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom” and this week we have been making maps of the island as you can see. We prepared our maps by painting them using cold tea! When they were dry we crumpled our pages before drawing the island and its key features using pastels.

This was a fun task!

February 10, 2013. Art, Novel Work.


  1. Christina replied:

    I really liked making the Map’s of Kensuke’s Kingdom.

  2. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I think the maps are looking really cool and great I really enjoyed making these they were so much fun

  3. Soraya Pirbazari replied:

    Those maps were really fun to make and they really did look like old maps

  4. Aoife replied:

    Donnchadh’s map was very good

  5. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I think that everyones maps were outstanding and am surprised how well they turned out to be because I did’t think that when we dipped the paper into the tea i was expecting but luckily they look great now that they are hanging up 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

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