Recommended Books by Michael Morpurgo

We’ve recently finished reading the novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo. Since then, many children have been reading other books by Michael Morpurgo. You can share your recommended reads here by posting a comment and saying why you recommend the book.

morpurgo books

February 12, 2013. Recommended reads.


  1. Amy Quinn replied:

    I am reading an elephant in the garden, parts of the book are very surprising. I would recommend this book to any Michael Morpurgo fans.

  2. Ciara replied:

    I read quite a few of his books and I wasn’t disappointed at all ( :

  3. Liam replied:

    I would recommend War Horse as it is unexpected and funny. Unfortunately like 90% of his other books war is mentioned or has a big part in it.

    • Donnchadh replied:

      i found War Horse good aswell

  4. Christina replied:

    I would recommend The Elephant In The Garden and The Butterfly Lion.

  5. Aoife replied:

    ‘The Ghost of Grania O’Malley’ is a very good book, it was full of mystery and suffering and had a good ending

  6. Mark replied:

    I also recommend war horse as I found it very exciting

  7. Mark replied:

    I just finished the ghost of Grania O’ Malley and I agree with Aoife, it was very good.

  8. Sean replied:

    I recommend ”Twist of gold ” by Michael Morpurgo .Children who are interested in the Irish Famine would like this book

    • Aoife replied:

      I read it too.
      I liked the fact that these two children faced a difficult journey to America to get to their father

  9. Ava replied:

    I liked mr.nobody eyes

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