Friday Challenge – 21st February


This week’s challenge was to select a newspaper headline that attracted your attention.

There were some great headlines ranging from current affairs to sport to Justin Bieber! The class had to say whether it was an obvious or obscure headline and predict what the story might be about.

Bonus points went to Seán whose headline “The Odd Couple” stumped the class. We were all surprised when Seán revealed it related to a rugby article about Declan Kidney and Brian O’Driscoll’s relationship!

Congratulations to everyone on some very interesting headlines!

What did you think of this challenge?


February 23, 2013. Friday Challenge.


  1. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I thought that this friday challenge was easy enough but I found my newspaper at the last minute !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aoife replied:

    Well done Seán for finding the most obscure headline

  3. Ciara replied:

    Yes I never would have guessed it would be about rugby!

  4. Mark replied:

    I enjoyed the challenge and I thought the headlines were very interesting

    • Tomi replied:

      Good job Seán.

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