Scratch Projects


We have been working on Scratch projects. Today Aoife and Ellen finished theirs and it was really good. Some people downloaded it at home and are making their own projects and hopefully will be entering the competition on March 22nd.

Two years ago past pupils from Ms.Fay’s class won the competition and got a certificate. Maybe someone in our class will win this year!

By Cara & Ella

February 28, 2013. Class News.


  1. Mark replied:

    I think scratch is really fun.

  2. Sean replied:

    Developing a Scratch project is tricky but I enjoy it a lot!!!

  3. ajuniorchef replied:

    i think scratch is really good and it is a great way of learning

  4. Ellen Li replied:

    I thought most of the sounds in scratch were quite funny!

  5. Mark replied:

    I can’t wait to do more scratch

  6. Aoife replied:

    Scratch was really fun. Did you like ours?

  7. Niall replied:

    I think the man or woman that came up with scratch is a genius because they’ve come up with such a sensation. It’s such a great way of learning!!

  8. Deputy Principal replied:

    I saw Ellen’s and Aoife’s Scratch Project today and it was fantastic. I hope Ms.Fay will invite me to see some more when you all have them done !

  9. Cara replied:

    I really like scratch its sooooooo fun cant wait to finish our project

  10. Hazel replied:

    They look very good! You must have worked alot on them! Excellent! ❤

  11. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I also saw Ellen and Aoife’s scratch project. I thought that it was really good!

    • Tomi replied:

      Aoife and Ellens scratch project was really good,I hope mine and Ciara’s can be as good.

  12. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I think scratch is really fun its a great way of learning 🙂

  13. christy replied:

    playing scratch is real fun

  14. Ava replied:

    Scratch is so much fun I hope mine is good ! 🙂

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