Friday Challenge


Our county challenge proved to be one of our most successful challenges.

19 children were able to identify all the counties of Ireland on a blank map, which is fantastic!

Congratulations everyone on a great challenge!

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Word of the Day – 22nd February

Our word of the day is “anticipation”. I found it in my book called “The Revenge of the Ballybogs” by Siobhan Rowen.

It was in this sentence. “They were closing in, burping and  grunting in anticipation, herding him along the dark, muddy road  towards the main square.” 

If you anticipate an event, you are expecting it and are prepared for it.

By Amanda

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Internet Safety Talk


Today the Symantec team came to our school to teach us about Internet safety. They told us many tips on keeping safe such as:

  • Never give away your personal information to a stranger online.
  • Always tell an adult if you get cyberbullied online.
  • If you ever see a message that says you have won something great  never accept it.

Their phrase was…………




We enjoyed their speech and learned their interesting phrase.

Reported by Tomi & Ellen


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A live sonic boom!


One of our spellings this week was “asteroid”.We came across that an asteroid has passed close to Earth last week.It was the size of half a football pitch!

It was a coincidence that at the same time a meteor exploded over Russia and it made a sonic boom! The sonic boom was so loud it smashed lots of windows.The glass from the windows injured lots of people.We watched a video clip of it on the RTE website, here is the link.

Written by Grace and Ava

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Word of the Day – 21st February

Today’s word of the day is “vulnerable”.

Ava found it in her book”Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo.The sentence was, “He hated mentioning his father and he hadn’t meant to. He felt vulnerable now.”

Vulnerable means to,or in danger of,attack.2. Liable to be hurt physically or emotionally.

By Ava and Christina

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World record attempt!


On the 14th of March, our school will attempt to break a world record for the most people dressed as Saint Patrick in the one place.

We are aiming to shatter the record  and get in the Guinness World Book of Records. The requirements for the record are that everyone has to wear identical Saint Patrick costumes which include green and white robes with decorations on them and a green hat also with gold decorations on them. Our P.T.A will be helping us enormously with the preparations.  The Guinness World Book of Records will require overhead photos and video coverage of the event. On the 8th of February we were granted permission to attempt the record. We  will have great fun that day and hopefully will smash the record!

                                                        By Liam and Mark

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Word of the Day – 20th February

Today’s word is “corpulent”.

We came across it when we were describing a person.It means to be fat or large.For example, “The man was corpulent because he was very greedy”.

By Cian and Chuks

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New School Sculpture

Our new school sculpture is now in place and we are thrilled with it!

Today, we examined the scultpure more closely. We observed our school motto, “Learning, Striving, Achieving, Together” inscribed on the cloak as well as  “Faoi bhrat Bhríde sinn” which means “We are under the cloak of Brigid”. We also examined the acorn and oak tree leaves which symbolises the large oak tree under which St. Brigid erected her famous convent of “Cill-Dara” (the Church of the oak). The acorn can be used as a time capsule and we are excited to see how that will be used.

The sculptor, Mark Ryan did a wonderful job. Remember, you can see how Mark created the sculpture at each stage by clicking here

What do you think of the sculpture? What adjectives would you use to describe it?

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Doodle for Google Finalists


The Doodle for Google finalists have been announced and unfortunately, none of our entries made the final shortlist.

Well done to everybody for all your creativity and the time and effort you went to with your doodles. You can view the names of the top 300 semi-finalists and vote for your favourite doodle by clicking here.

Which is your favourite and why?

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Word of the Day – 18th February

Our word of the day is “indignation”.

Amy came across it in her book “An Elephant in the Garden” by Michael Morpurgo. The sentence was “Mutti went on fuming with indignation about him all evening”.

The word indignation means you are angry about somthing you think is unfair.

By Amy and Elizabeth

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