Scratch Competition


Good luck to Mark and Aoife who have submitted entries to this year’s Scratch Competition. You can view the children’s projects by clicking on the links below:

Mark’s project “The Raffle”

Aoife’s project “Quiz Show”

Go néirí an t-ádh libh a pháistí!……..we have our fingers crossed for you both!

March 22, 2013. Class News. 8 comments.

An Easter Treat!

Today we got a beautiful Easter treat when Soraya surprised us with an amazing cake, which she made herself. Today was also our visiting teacher, Ms. Darby’s last day and she gave the class lots of treats too. She is pictured here with our talented chef, Soraya and Renitha.


March 22, 2013. Class News. 2 comments.

Easter Baskets

We have finished our Easter baskets and they turned out really well as you can see. There was great creativity when it came to painting the baskets and we used some shredded crepe paper to line them. We found some Easter surprises in them when they were finally finished!

Have you any feedback on doing this Easter Art?

March 22, 2013. Art. 1 comment.

Word of the Day – 21st March

Our word of the day is “cordial” and I found it in my book “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

The sentence this word was in was ‘”Perhaps you would care for some coconut cordial,” Friday said in a cordial tone of voice‘.

Cordial means that you are warm and friendly or deeply felt. It could also be a fruit-flavoured drink. In this case both meanings are used!

Written and suggested by Tomi

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Word of the Day – 20th March

Today’s word of the day is “kneading“. I found it in my book “The Worst Witch to the Rescue” by Jill Murphy.

The  sentence it was in was  “Tabby had got right inside the bedclothes with her and was lending his support by purring at he top of his purr and passionately kneading her with tiny claw-prickles as he flexed against her arm”.

Kneading has a couple of meanings. It can mean to work (dough) into a smooth mixture with the hands or to squeeze or press (something) with the hands.

Written and suggesed by Ava

March 20, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Worm Watch – Day 2

Today we looked at our wormery and a few changes have occurred.

We spotted two worms. You can’t see all of the worms because they like to stay in the middle and they get used to the dark . The soil has mixed in with the sand but no other things have happened . We are excited to see the changes that will happen over the next few days!

Written by Renitha and Ciara


March 20, 2013. Class Projects. 1 comment.

Easter Art

On Friday we used paper mache on a balloon to make a container to hold Easter eggs. It was very messy but it was fun as well. It was very sticky and we finished them just in time.We are going to paint them this week and they are going to look lovely.

Written by Chuks and Cian

March 19, 2013. Art. 5 comments.

Word of the Day – 19th March

The word of the day today issmattering“.

I found it in the book “Mr Stink” by David Walliams. It was in the sentence “Mother was in full flow now, and she smiled as she recieved a smattering of applause for this comment from the people over thirty in the audience”.

Smattering can mean slight knowledge or a small amount of something. In this case it means a small amount of applause.

Written and suggested by Donnchadh



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Word of the Day – 15th March

Today’s word of the day is “talisman”.

We found it in two books called “Sparrow” (suggested by Renitha) and “Running Wild” (suggested by Onaiwu) both by Micheal Morpurgo in two differnt sentences.

The sentence from the book Sparrow is “Now that Joan was in my room she became even more my secret familiar,  my guardian angel and my talisman“.

The sentence from “Running Wild” is “the photo had always been like treasured icon to me, a talisman.”

We found out that a talisman is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring luck.

Written and suggested by Renitha and Onaiwu

March 15, 2013. Word of the Day. 3 comments.

A Record-Breaking Day!

We had a very exciting day today as we tried to smash the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of St. Patrick’s.

Our PTA spent hours making such beautiful costumes for both children and teachers and Ms. Fay made our hats as they all had to be identical. There were lots of people dressed as St. Patrick in the hall and we all had to face forward with our hats on our heads for five minutes. We had a wonderful afternoon and fingers crossed, we smashed the record!

March 14, 2013. Class News. 5 comments.

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