Making a Wormery


Today, we learned all about earthworms and even made our own class wormery with the help of our new teacher, Ms. Darby.

To do this we used half of a large plastic water bottle and we placed a layer of stones at the bottom of the bottle. We then put a few layers of damp soil and sand in the bottle before placing a layer of grass and leaves on top. Finally, we put the worms on top and this caused great excitement!

Once our wormery was made, we placed the plastic bottle in a large shoebox as worms like the dark. Between now and Easter we will be on worm watch to see what happens!!

What do you think will happen inside the wormery? What facts did you learn about earthworms today?


March 7, 2013. Class Projects.


  1. Mark replied:

    I wonder what the wormery will look like on Monday .

  2. Ellen Li replied:

    The activity was a bit messy because we got soil all over our desk, but it was very interesting.

  3. Donchadh replied:

    I have made one before in scouts and we still have them!

  4. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    I thought that making this wormery was a lot of fun I also found it to be very interesting and so did my Dad 😉

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