Word of the Day – 15th March

Today’s word of the day is “talisman”.

We found it in two books called “Sparrow” (suggested by Renitha) and “Running Wild” (suggested by Onaiwu) both by Micheal Morpurgo in two differnt sentences.

The sentence from the book Sparrow is “Now that Joan was in my room she became even more my secret familiar,  my guardian angel and my talisman“.

The sentence from “Running Wild” is “the photo had always been like treasured icon to me, a talisman.”

We found out that a talisman is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring luck.

Written and suggested by Renitha and Onaiwu

March 15, 2013. Word of the Day.


  1. Ava replied:

    Good words girls

  2. Elizabeth Counihan replied:

    Yes I would have to agree with Ava that is a great word!

  3. Donnchadh replied:

    Ithink we had that word in 3rd class before

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