Word of the Day – 20th March

Today’s word of the day is “kneading“. I found it in my book “The Worst Witch to the Rescue” by Jill Murphy.

The  sentence it was in was  “Tabby had got right inside the bedclothes with her and was lending his support by purring at he top of his purr and passionately kneading her with tiny claw-prickles as he flexed against her arm”.

Kneading has a couple of meanings. It can mean to work (dough) into a smooth mixture with the hands or to squeeze or press (something) with the hands.

Written and suggesed by Ava

March 20, 2013. Word of the Day.

One Comment

  1. Donnchadh replied:

    That is a great word well done Ava!

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