Seachtain na Gaeilge


Tá Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl an seachtain seo agus táimid ag iarraidh níos mó Gaeilge a labhairt sa rang.

We are busy practising for an cheolchoirm and have been busy composing our own lyrics to accompany some well known tunes. This afternoon we listened to two current pop tunes as Gaeilge and we voted on which one our class would learn. The Wanted’s song, “Glad You Came” won and tomorrow we will be busy learning it. You can listen to both songs here by clicking on the following links:

Hall of Fame

Glad you Came

Bain taitneamh as!


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We have a New Pope!


We have a new Pope!  His name is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina.

He is the first non-European Pope in 1,300 years and he got to pick a new name and he chose the name Pope Francis. Pope Francis is seventy six years old. Last night St Peter’s Square in Rome was packed with people. Around six minutes past six Irish time, the white smoke came out of the chimney,the bells started ringing and people began cheering.

A French cardinal came out and announced the name of the new Pope. It is interesting that Pope Francis had the most votes after Pope Benedict in the 2005 conclave.We think Pope Francis will be a great Pope!

                      Written by Christina and Amy

You can view some of last night’s historic images by clicking here.


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Pope Watch – Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of voting for the new Pope

Black smoke came out of the Sistene Chapel, meaning there is no Pope yet

Over the next few days, they will vote four times every day until one Cardinal has two-thirds of the overall votes

This Cardinal will then be our new Pope

We will be waiting with bated breath!

By Aoife & Elizabeth

March 13, 2013. Class News. 3 comments.

Word of the Day – 12th March

Today’s word of the day is “briery” short for brier or briar. I found it in the book “Five children and it” by Quentin Blake .

The sentence was: “Mother, curiously enough, was in no hurry to get out; and even when she had come down slowly and by the step, and with no jump at all ,she seemed to wish to see the boxes carried in, and even to pay the driver, instead of joining in that first glorious rush round the garden and the orchard and the thorny, thistly briery brambly wilderness beyond the broken gate and the dry fountain at the side of the house.”

Briery means a heather plant whose wood is used for making tobacco pipes.

Written & suggested by Wellington

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Worm watch

Today we looked at our wormery. Not much happened over the past few days. The layers were a little bit mixed together .

We will check it again during the week.

By Daniel & Oisin

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Pope Watch!

We are on Pope Watch!


Today, 115 cardinals from 48 countries will take part in the conclave. The doors of the Sistine Chapel will be closed and the cardinals will be locked in until they make their choice. Only cardinals under the age of 80 can vote. They will vote once today and four times every day thereafter until there is a two-thirds majority on who should be the next Pope.

The cardinals vote in accordance with strict tradition. Their votes are placed on a gold plate which are tipped into an urn. They are counted and then incinerated or burned. Black smoke coming from the Vatican means that the cardinals have not reached a two-thirds majority. White smoke indicates that a new Pope has been chosen and the bells of St. Peter’s will ring out. Many people will gather in St. Peter’s Square this week to await the white smoke. The result is then announced in Latin before the new Pope is presented to the crowds.

The conclaves have generally come to a decision fairly quickly as no conclave has lasted for more than five days in the last century. Pope Benedict was elected within 24 hours back in 2005.

This is a very exciting and historic time and you can watch the RTE news report we saw in class this morning here and the TV3 report here

What nationality do you think the new Pope will be?

March 12, 2013. Class News. 2 comments.

Word of the Day – 11th March

Today’s word of the day is “wheedled“. We found it in a story about bullying in  our”Blue Skies” book called “Until the Angel Came”.

The sentence was “Shake, and I’ll  give you a sweetie,’ he wheedled, as if he were talking to a baby”.

To wheedle means to coax or to try and persuade.

By Daniel

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We Have Been Celebrating!

On Friday, afternoon we had a party for being shortlisted for the Junior Spiders Awards.We had great fun and we also watched a movie called “Tron”

RTE News2day had a special report on the Junior Spider Awards which you can view by clicking here. Look out for our blog name on the big screen beside Aidan Power during the One Direction song!

Written by Sean.

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Character Descriptions

For the past couple of weeks we have been doing character descriptions.

I have found one in my book “One Dog and his Boy” by Eva Ibbotson. This sentence described a dog, “The largest was Otto, a St Bernard with a tan and white face ,and deep-set mournful eyes.”

Mournful eyes are sad eyes.

Written and suggested by Grace

March 8, 2013. English. 2 comments.

Making a Wormery


Today, we learned all about earthworms and even made our own class wormery with the help of our new teacher, Ms. Darby.

To do this we used half of a large plastic water bottle and we placed a layer of stones at the bottom of the bottle. We then put a few layers of damp soil and sand in the bottle before placing a layer of grass and leaves on top. Finally, we put the worms on top and this caused great excitement!

Once our wormery was made, we placed the plastic bottle in a large shoebox as worms like the dark. Between now and Easter we will be on worm watch to see what happens!!

What do you think will happen inside the wormery? What facts did you learn about earthworms today?

March 7, 2013. Class Projects. 4 comments.

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