Artist of the Month – March/April

The Artist of the Month for March/April is Leonardo da Vinci.


We brainstormed the information that we knew about him and then we visited the Art Gallery in school to do some more research. We viewed some of da Vinci’s paintings and discovered the following interesting facts:

  • Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in 1452
  • In 1483 he settled in Milan
  • He painted the “Virgin on the Rocks” painting in 1485

virgin on rocks

  • In 1497 he painted “The Last Supper”

last supper

  • He became a military adviser in 1502
  • He worked on “The Mona Lisa” from 1503-1506. She was believed to be a merchant’s wife. It hangs in the Louvre in Paris

mona lisa

  • In 1516 he was invited to work in France by the King of France
  • da Vinci died in 1519 aged 67

Da Vinci was a very talented man who was a Renaissance artist, sculptor and an inventor and we viewed some sketches of his inventions including the flying machine he invented hundreds of years before the aeroplane or helicopter was invented.

You can view some interesting facts about da Vinci and a video of his work by clicking here

We were inspired by da Vinci’s portraits to sketch portraits of each other. The turned out really well.

What do you think of da Vinci’s work?


April 25, 2013. Artist of the Month.


  1. Ludiana kabuci replied:

    my favourite picture was the last supper

  2. Christina replied:

    I like the Mona Lisa.

  3. Ciara Brophy replied:

    I really like the Last Supper! but the Mona Lisa is the most famous in the world so you’ve got to love that !

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