A Day in Croke Park

Today we went to Croke Park to see our girls’ camogie team play against Pope Pius X.

We got a bus there and sang songs on the way to the match. Mr.Hegarty got us seats close to the pitch so we could see the match well. We cheered the team on! The score was 2-2 so there was extra time but after it was still a draw.

The girls played extremely well. We will be sharing the cup.  Hopefully we will be playing next year and our school will be cheering us on.

Written by Cara and Amy


April 29, 2013. Class News.


  1. Christina replied:

    I think our team did really well and i think we did a good job of cheering.

  2. Soraya Pirbazari replied:

    That day was really fun and even though we drew and have to share the cup, I think the girls did amazingly well to get to the finals (:

  3. Donnchadh replied:

    I think we played really well even though I wasn’t at it and at least we got medals and we share the cup

  4. Ciara Brophy replied:

    i think everyone did really well !!!!!!! and every body had tons of fun

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