Word of the Day – 28th May

Today`s word of the day is “wanly”.

I found it in my book  “The Borrowers” in this sentence, “Homily brushed away a tear. “NO!” she said wanly”.

Wanly is an adverb and it means to be pale and sickly looking.

By Oisin

May 28, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Going for Gold!

Best of luck to Daniel and Elizabeth who have been chosen to represent our school as part of the school’s Santry Team.

They will be competing tomorrow with many other schools.

We have everything crossed for you both! It’s a huge achievement to have made the team. So you should both be very proud….we are proud of you!


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Word of the Day – 27th May

Today’s word is “dominate”. I found it in my book “Little foxes” by Michael Morpurgo.

The sentence was, “She kept a clean enough house on the tenth floor of a block of flats that dominated that wind-swept estate on the out outskirts of the city”.

To dominate means to have command or influence over

Suggested By Wellington

May 27, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Word of the Day 24/5/13

 Today’s word of the day is “scrutinising”

I found it in my book “The Ghost of Grania O’Malley” in the sentence, “He was still scrutinising her.”

It means to examine someone or something very carefully.

Written and suggested Matthew

May 24, 2013. Word of the Day. 3 comments.

Cameras Rolling!

We started shooting our claymations movies this week. Some of us have already finished and are putting them together on Movie Maker. Others are still on the shooting stage. We have been having a lot of fun though it was quite tricky and some of us had to start all over again!  But when you are on the movie making stage that’s when it starts to get even more fun. We will have to add in voices, sound effects and music!  

At the end all the hard work pays off by it being displayed and shown to many!!

Reported by Ellen and Ciara

May 24, 2013. Class Projects. 7 comments.

Word of the Day – 22nd May

Today’s word of the day is “flummoxed”.

I found it in the book “ The Indian in the Cupboard ” by  Lynne Reid Banks in the sentence, “Mrs Hunt was obviously flummoxed”.

Flummoxed means to bewilder and confuse totally.

Written and suggested by Cara

May 22, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Our School Tour

Last Friday the 17th of  May we went on our school tour to Dublinia and we also went on the Viking Splash Tour.

We left the school at 9:00am on the bus and it took about ten to twenty minutes to get to Dublinia.We were split into three groups.

Dublinia  was very interesting but it was also very tiring because we were running late so at the end we had to move faster and weren’t able to sit down until we got outside.There was lots of different facts about the Vikings that we never knew about and learned here.

After the tour of Dublinia was finished we walked up to the Viking Splash Tour buses.We took a tour around Dublin City Centre on the bus and we passed Leinster House, The O2, Trinity College, the Aviva Stadium and many other places.

After the tour we went to a park just beside St.Patrick’s Cathedral and had a picnic and played loads of fun games including “Cat and Mouse and hand football.

We had a great time.

Written by Christina and Cian

May 21, 2013. Class News. 6 comments.

Word of the Day – 16th May

Today’s word is “lucid” and I found it in my book “Hurricane Gold” by Charlie Higson.

The sentence was “Now remembering what Strabo had told him, he was relatively lucid”. To be lucid means to be easy to understand, clear or showing an ability to think clearly.                               

Written and suggested by Liam

May 16, 2013. Word of the Day. 2 comments.

Claymations Project

Claymations is an animation project that is made from clay. It is a very long process but fun all the same.We are all doing a very good job  at it and have very creative ideas.We are of course doing it in groups because if we  were to do by ourselves it would take ages. To do claymations you need:

  • of course clay,
  • an idea,
  • props
  • and a camera (a tripod would be recommended)

After you’ve got everything you can start your movie. It takes time and effort to look good though so you don’t rush.

We have planned ours and made our characters, as you can see from the photos. We will give an update when we start shooting.

Written by Tomi

May 15, 2013. Class Projects. 2 comments.

Feis Maitiú

Yesterday, Séan and Oísin went to a Feis Maitiú. A Feis Maitiú is a competition where contestants stand on a stage and recite a poem.

Séan’s poem was “Smart” by Shel Silverstein and Oísin’s poem was “Finngummy” .  Oísin got a medal for coming second and Séan got a  highly commended certificate.

Both of the boys performed their poems for us this morning and we were very impressed with their performances.

Congratulations boys….we are very proud of you!

By Liam & Mark


May 15, 2013. Class News. 2 comments.

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