Claymations Project

Claymations is an animation project that is made from clay. It is a very long process but fun all the same.We are all doing a very good job  at it and have very creative ideas.We are of course doing it in groups because if we  were to do by ourselves it would take ages. To do claymations you need:

  • of course clay,
  • an idea,
  • props
  • and a camera (a tripod would be recommended)

After you’ve got everything you can start your movie. It takes time and effort to look good though so you don’t rush.

We have planned ours and made our characters, as you can see from the photos. We will give an update when we start shooting.

Written by Tomi

May 15, 2013. Class Projects.


  1. Donnchadh replied:

    It’s really fun making the claymations and I love the shark Mark!

  2. Liam replied:

    I love the claymations and I am really happy with our pictures (without Niall in them)

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