Our School Tour

Last Friday the 17th of  May we went on our school tour to Dublinia and we also went on the Viking Splash Tour.

We left the school at 9:00am on the bus and it took about ten to twenty minutes to get to Dublinia.We were split into three groups.

Dublinia  was very interesting but it was also very tiring because we were running late so at the end we had to move faster and weren’t able to sit down until we got outside.There was lots of different facts about the Vikings that we never knew about and learned here.

After the tour of Dublinia was finished we walked up to the Viking Splash Tour buses.We took a tour around Dublin City Centre on the bus and we passed Leinster House, The O2, Trinity College, the Aviva Stadium and many other places.

After the tour we went to a park just beside St.Patrick’s Cathedral and had a picnic and played loads of fun games including “Cat and Mouse and hand football.

We had a great time.

Written by Christina and Cian

May 21, 2013. Class News.


  1. Ava replied:

    It was so fun I loved the Viking splash tour and our driver Pat was really funny !!!!

  2. Donnchadh replied:

    Dublinia was really good and so was the Viking splash but I really enjoyed the picnic afterwards especially the handfootball

  3. Liam replied:

    That was really fun I really liked the handfootball after in the park and I can’t wait to go to Dublinia with my family!

  4. Christina replied:

    I loved the Viking Splash Tour best it was so fun and our guy Pat was so so funny.

  5. Aoife replied:

    Pat sounds soooooo(add a million o’s) good.
    Our guy kept telling us to be quiet all the time which put a damper on the ride and pointed out useless things that we’ll probably never need to know.
    However, the Dublinia bit was really good and the park was great craic so all in all, good tour. just needed a better driver.

  6. Aoife replied:

    Actually, Dublinia missed out on a an important part in both Viking and Medieval times.

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