Cameras Rolling!

We started shooting our claymations movies this week. Some of us have already finished and are putting them together on Movie Maker. Others are still on the shooting stage. We have been having a lot of fun though it was quite tricky and some of us had to start all over again!  But when you are on the movie making stage that’s when it starts to get even more fun. We will have to add in voices, sound effects and music!  

At the end all the hard work pays off by it being displayed and shown to many!!

Reported by Ellen and Ciara

May 24, 2013. Class Projects.


  1. Donnchadh replied:

    We’re nearly done and we’re doing quite well:)

  2. Christina replied:

    My group is nearly finished we just have to add the sounds and our movie would be done.

  3. Aoife replied:

    So is ours!
    Our group has a little surprise for ours, but I’m not going to tell you…

  4. Aoife replied:


  5. Soraya Pirbazari replied:

    I think all the project are going to be great, well done everyone!

    • Soraya Pirbazari replied:

      sorry i meant projects

  6. Elizabeth replied:

    our group is doing quite well in our claymations it is such fun doing them:) 😉

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