Word of the Day – 15th May

The word of the day today is ‘solemnly’.

I found it in my book ‘Too Many Blooms’ by Catherine R. Daly in the sentence “‘Parting with such sweet sorrow’ he said solemnly”.

To say something solemnly means to say it seriously or sincerely.

Written and suggested by Soraya

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A Communion Visitor

Last Saturday Ciara’s brother Gavin along with the rest of his class made their First Holy Communion.

Gavin came up to see us all dressed up on Monday and he looked very handsome. Both Gavin and Ciara had a fantastic Communion day.

Communion boy

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Friday Challenge

This week’s Friday challenge is to submit an entry for this year’s school magazine.

It is your choice….you can design a cover, draw a picture, write a story, poem, recipe, joke or riddle or create a wordsearch or crossword.

Looking forward to seeing all the entries!


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A Tour of Dublin

Over the past few weeks we have been presenting our plans for a five-day tour of Dublin for the Ryan family from Galway.

The task was to plan a tour of Dublin which catered for the interests of the Ryan family. Mr. Ryan likes history and wants to learn more about the Vikings. Mrs. Ryan enjoys shopping and would like to visit a museum. Paul Ryan has a huge interest in GAA and told his teacher he would see the Book of Kells and Amy Ryan loves swimming and would like to see a JLS concert while in Dublin.

The projects were outstanding and of an extremely high quality. The creativity of everyone was amazing as we had poster presentations, Powerpoint presentations, a letter and even a brochure. Everyone did very well in presenting their project to the class and we gave both positive and constructive feedback on each of the projects.

As you can see from the photos there was a huge amount of planning, research and creativity involved.

Congratulations everyone on doing a super job!

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Gold for Silver!

On Sunday, my music school hosted an annual concert/competition in Westmanstown.

That was the first time I played in one of those concerts. I came joint second place in my category! Ironically, the winner of the category was my cousin!

I had a great time and I hope to play next year!

By Aoife


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Today for P.E. we did orienteering.We were split up into groups of three and then Ms.Fay gave us two sheets , one sheet for the map of the yards and one for things to look for in the yards. It was a lot of work but everyone enjoyed it!

By Grace & Aoife

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Our School Tour

Our school tour is on Friday and we are really excited because we are going to the Viking Splash tour and Dublinia. We have been learning about how Vikings lived in the Middle ages. It will be great fun and we will have a picnic with our friends. We cannot wait.

Written by Renitha and Caoimhe

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A forthcoming Feis

Tomorrow Oisìn, Donnachadh and I are competing in Feis Maitiù.

Each competitor shall say a poem they have practiced in Speech and Drama class. The poem I am saying is “Smart”  by Shel Silverstein. Oisìn is saying “Fingummy” by Mike Harding and Donnachadh is saying “If I Were a Pirate”.

Yesterday we each had a separate exam in the Royal Irish Accademy of Music. I am  happy with my performance.           

We had a great time!

Written by Sean

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Word of the Day – 10th May

Today’s word of the day is “fend”.

I found it in my book “The Hunger” by Carol Drinkwater in the sentence, “Then I’d put him on the road to fend for himself”. If you were to fend for yourself  you would have to look after yourself.

Written and suggested by Renitha

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