Easter Baskets

We have finished our Easter baskets and they turned out really well as you can see. There was great creativity when it came to painting the baskets and we used some shredded crepe paper to line them. We found some Easter surprises in them when they were finally finished!

Have you any feedback on doing this Easter Art?

March 22, 2013. Art. 1 comment.

Easter Art

On Friday we used paper mache on a balloon to make a container to hold Easter eggs. It was very messy but it was fun as well. It was very sticky and we finished them just in time.We are going to paint them this week and they are going to look lovely.

Written by Chuks and Cian

March 19, 2013. Art. 5 comments.

Missing, presumed dead?!

Last week we made missing posters for Michael from our novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom”. 

We were challenged to write a description of him using our new phrases from our writing word bank.  Then we drew a picture of him to accompany the description. We mounted it on card and they are all hanging on lines across our classroom. They look fantastic as you can see.

 By Liam & Daniel

March 4, 2013. Art, Novel Work. 3 comments.

Creating Maps of Kensuke’s Kingdom

We are finished reading our novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom” and this week we have been making maps of the island as you can see. We prepared our maps by painting them using cold tea! When they were dry we crumpled our pages before drawing the island and its key features using pastels.

This was a fun task!

February 10, 2013. Art, Novel Work. 5 comments.

Christmas Art

We have been very busy over the last few weeks creating our Christmas/Winter scenes. We each sketched out a plan for our scene and then used the same technique for construction that we learned while making our Halloween faces.

We had great fun making them and they turned out really well as you can see!

December 19, 2012. Art, Christmas. 4 comments.

Halloween Art

We were very busy over the last couple of weeks making our scary Halloween  faces. We used kitchen rolls and PVA glue to construct the faces and then painted them.

Which faces do you think are the scariest?

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October 26, 2012. Art. 4 comments.