Artist of the Month – March/April

The Artist of the Month for March/April is Leonardo da Vinci.


We brainstormed the information that we knew about him and then we visited the Art Gallery in school to do some more research. We viewed some of da Vinci’s paintings and discovered the following interesting facts:

  • Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in 1452
  • In 1483 he settled in Milan
  • He painted the “Virgin on the Rocks” painting in 1485

virgin on rocks

  • In 1497 he painted “The Last Supper”

last supper

  • He became a military adviser in 1502
  • He worked on “The Mona Lisa” from 1503-1506. She was believed to be a merchant’s wife. It hangs in the Louvre in Paris

mona lisa

  • In 1516 he was invited to work in France by the King of France
  • da Vinci died in 1519 aged 67

Da Vinci was a very talented man who was a Renaissance artist, sculptor and an inventor and we viewed some sketches of his inventions including the flying machine he invented hundreds of years before the aeroplane or helicopter was invented.

You can view some interesting facts about da Vinci and a video of his work by clicking here

We were inspired by da Vinci’s portraits to sketch portraits of each other. The turned out really well.

What do you think of da Vinci’s work?

April 25, 2013. Artist of the Month. 3 comments.

Artist of the Month – February 2013

The artist of the month for February is Paul Cézanne.


Paul Cézanne was a French artist who was born in 1839. He usually painted still-lifes and developed the style of using geometric shapes as the basis for his paintings. He believed that everything in the world was made up of either a sphere, a cone, a cylinder or a cube. He began many of his works with these basic shapes layering thick paint with strong outlines to build form. This style of painting influenced artists who came after Cézanne such as Braque and Picasso who painted in a style known as Cubism.

Some of his paintings are featured below. You can view all of Cézanne’s works by clicking here.

We were inspired by Cézanne’s fruit paintings to create our own still life pictures using fruit and pastels.

What do you think of Cézanne’s style of painting? Which of his paintings do you like best and why?

February 12, 2013. Artist of the Month. 5 comments.

Artist of the Month – November 2012

The artist of the month for November is Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in Russia in 1866. He was a painter and one of the most famous 20th century artists.

Although Kandinsky was fascinated by colour when he was a child, he didn’t enrol at art school until he was 30 years old!

In 1900 Kandinsky studied art in Munich in Germany. At first, his paintings were realistic as the following paintings show:




However, over the years his style of painting changed dramatically, as they became more colourful, bold and less realistic. His style of art was known as abstract art as the following paintings show:

Kandinsky was inspired by music. He heard colours in music and saw music in colours and in his painting “Squares with concentric circles” Kandinsky painted colours that he felt best corresponded with the music he heard.

We were inspired to create our own concentric circles. Ms. Fay played a eight different pieces of music and we chose the colours that best suited the music. Here  we are hard at work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of Kandinsky’s style of painting?

November 18, 2012. Artist of the Month. 5 comments.

Artist of the Month – October

The artist of the month is L.S. Lowry.

Laurence Stephen Lowry (1st November, 1887 – 23rd February, 1976) was an English artist born in Stretford, Lancashire. Many of his drawings and paintings depict Salford and the surrounding areas where he lived and worked for over forty years.

Lowry is famous for painting scenes of life in industrial areas of Northern England during the early 20th century. He had a distinctive style of painting and is best know for urban landscapes which include lots of human figures often referred to as “matchstick men”.

A large collection of Lowry’s work is on permanent display in a purpose-built art gallery on Salford Quays called the Lowry. Click here to view the collection in the Lowry gallery.

Here are some of Lowry’s distinctive paintings:

How would you describe Lowry’s style? Do you like his paintings? Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

October 10, 2012. Artist of the Month. 6 comments.