Highlights of the Year

As we approach the last couple of days in 4th class……….


…..we are reflecting on the wonderful year we have had. What was the highlight for you?


The highlights of the year for me were the Junior Spider Awards because it was a great day out and fun to present our blog to the public, the Scratch projects, a really good coding programme that was challenging and cool and Claymations because it was awesome to be making movies!!!

Thanks Ms. Fay for the great school year!!!

 By Aoife


My highlight of the year was our blog.I loved the great games on it and I liked posting comments.  I loved how I could interact with other kids in my class even though I’m not really chatting with them.

By  Tomi


My highlight of the year was our Claymations Project. I really liked making the characters,creating the background and taking the pictures with the tripods.However, my favourite part of all was watching the projects back when all the parents were in the audience!!!                                                                                            

 Many thanks to Ms Fay who helped us!

By Sean


My highlight of the year was representing our school in the hurling and football team. I liked training every week and in the morning on some days. I enjoyed playing the matches and going on the bus to each match.

By Daniel


My highlight of the year was Sports day. I loved all the races and it was really fun. It was very warm that day so it was extra fun.

By Cara


My highlight of the year was Work and Helping teacher all the time. Ms. Fay is a very good teacher to all of us. She is the best teacher ever!!

By Onaiwu


My highlight of the year was going to The Junior Spider Awards. It was a very fun experience and very exciting. Not all of us got to go but everyone was there in spirit in a class photo

Thank you Ms.Fay for being the best fourth class teacher ever!!!, and making the blog possible 🙂

By Ciara


My highlight of the year was  sports day. It was very fun and Ella and I won the wheel barrow race. But this was not the first year we won four times before!

I have really enjoyed 4th class with claymations, double computers , our school tour to Dublinia and especially because of our great, kind and very creative teacher Ms . Fay!!!!!!!! ; ]

By Grace;]!!!!!!!


I really  enjoyed our P. E. classes especially the dodgeball and rounders. I also liked researching on the Internet for our projects on St.Brigid, The Ryan Family and The Solar system!

The best was the claymations project! It was so fun making the characters and taking the pictures and best of all watching them in our private screening!

It was the best year EVER!!!

By Donnchadh!!:)


I loved lots of things about the school year. I could have chosen many things but my absolute favourites were: The Claymations projects my definite no.1, Sports Day,mega fun, P.E. such as rounders,soccer and basketball. I also loved The Junior Spider awards and making our class blog and last but not least was playing for the Junior Hurlers for the school.

                    Loved this year;-)

                                                                         By  Liam


I loved this year soo much. The friends, the teacher, but if I had to put my finger on one highlight this year, I would have to say sports day. Also one art classs I spent sitting with my friends putting newspapper on a balloon whilst singing whistle baby

                         I loved this year being in 4th class and I’m gonna miss it 🙂

                                                                                                                       by Caoimhe *****************************************************************************************************

The highlight of my year was when we got shortlisted for the Junior Spider Awards and when we went to the R.D.S. stadium

                            I will miss 4th class and I willl especially miss Ms.Fay

                                                                                                                        BY Oisin     over and out


The highlight of my year was doing digital learning helper and I really loved Sports Day as well. My favourite thing we did in 4th class was claymations!:)

                                                                              By Amy Quinn  :);)!!!


My highlight of the year  was claymations, P.E  and the app store:)

by Ella;)xx!!!


We liked art and claymations andP.E  🙂  BY SOPHIE  AND  LUDIANA:p


My highlights of the year were Claymations and the Friday challenges!!!!:):)

By Renitha:)


My highlights of the year were Friday challenges, P.E and going to the Junior Spider awards.

By Niall


My highlights this year were either the junior spider awards or the blog.

 I had an amazing year.

By Mark


The highlights of my year were the claymations and all our projects I have had such a great year.

By Elizabeth


The highlights of my year were claymations and Ms. Fay was a really great teacher. I will miss her

by Ava


The highlights of my year were the claymations and all the projects we have done.I will really miss Ms.Fay

By Christina


My highlights of my year were everything we have done.I’ll really miss Ms.Fay!

By Cian


My highlights of my year were doing claymations and I will misss you Ms. Fay

By Amanda


The highlight of my year was having Ms. Fay as a teacher. Without her we wouldn’t have done claymations or any of the other really fun things we did this year!!! Thank you Ms.Fay!

By Soraya xoxo


The highlight of my year was the claymations. Without Ms. Fay we wouldn’t have done all of the fun stuff this year.

by Matthew 😛


The highlight of my year was the claymation challenge. It was awesome. It was hard to get the characters to stop falling but I still liked the challenge

by Wellington :)98

June 26, 2013. Class News. 6 comments.

Mini Leagues


Yesterday the mini leagues started in St. Brigids GAA club.We gathered at 7.00pm to line up and the we went to the pitches to play our matches. We played three matches and we have matches on Thursday and the finals day is on Saturday when we have a barbeque and other events like sponge throwing and obstacle courses.We also get medals and t-shirts at the end.

Written by Daniel & Donnchadh

June 11, 2013. Class News. 3 comments.

Cycling for Niamh

This Morning all the classes from 3rd to 6th took part in cycling on exercise bikes. We cycled for five minutes each.Two 6th class children Boo and Conor came up to our classroom and they gave us stickers with numbers on them. Each person had a number.Mr Lowery called five people at a time to cycle as there were five bikes.The 6th class counted us down.In total the whole of our class cycled 41 km. We all enjoyed the cycle it was really fun.

Written By Amy & Ella

June 11, 2013. Class News. 4 comments.

Non-Uniform Day

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Cycle for Niamh campaign in memory of our much-loved teacher Ms. Niamh Kelly.

We are marking the launch of the event by having a non-uniform day and children from 3rd to 6th class will take turns in cycling on exercise bikes the distance that Ms. Kelly’s brothers will be undertaking during their cycle in August which is almost 800km!

All proceeds from the event go to the Mater Hospital’s Breast Cancer Appeal.

cycle for Niamh

June 10, 2013. Class News. 3 comments.

Our Tennis Star

Congratulations to Matthew who represented Ireland this weekend in a tennis tournament in Holland.

He played really well and did Ireland proud…..we are proud of you Matthew!

tennis boy

June 10, 2013. Class News. 2 comments.

Going for Gold!

Best of luck to Daniel and Elizabeth who have been chosen to represent our school as part of the school’s Santry Team.

They will be competing tomorrow with many other schools.

We have everything crossed for you both! It’s a huge achievement to have made the team. So you should both be very proud….we are proud of you!


May 27, 2013. Class News. 3 comments.

Our School Tour

Last Friday the 17th of  May we went on our school tour to Dublinia and we also went on the Viking Splash Tour.

We left the school at 9:00am on the bus and it took about ten to twenty minutes to get to Dublinia.We were split into three groups.

Dublinia  was very interesting but it was also very tiring because we were running late so at the end we had to move faster and weren’t able to sit down until we got outside.There was lots of different facts about the Vikings that we never knew about and learned here.

After the tour of Dublinia was finished we walked up to the Viking Splash Tour buses.We took a tour around Dublin City Centre on the bus and we passed Leinster House, The O2, Trinity College, the Aviva Stadium and many other places.

After the tour we went to a park just beside St.Patrick’s Cathedral and had a picnic and played loads of fun games including “Cat and Mouse and hand football.

We had a great time.

Written by Christina and Cian

May 21, 2013. Class News. 6 comments.

Feis Maitiú

Yesterday, Séan and Oísin went to a Feis Maitiú. A Feis Maitiú is a competition where contestants stand on a stage and recite a poem.

Séan’s poem was “Smart” by Shel Silverstein and Oísin’s poem was “Finngummy” .  Oísin got a medal for coming second and Séan got a  highly commended certificate.

Both of the boys performed their poems for us this morning and we were very impressed with their performances.

Congratulations boys….we are very proud of you!

By Liam & Mark


May 15, 2013. Class News. 2 comments.

A Communion Visitor

Last Saturday Ciara’s brother Gavin along with the rest of his class made their First Holy Communion.

Gavin came up to see us all dressed up on Monday and he looked very handsome. Both Gavin and Ciara had a fantastic Communion day.

Communion boy

May 14, 2013. Class News. 1 comment.

Gold for Silver!

On Sunday, my music school hosted an annual concert/competition in Westmanstown.

That was the first time I played in one of those concerts. I came joint second place in my category! Ironically, the winner of the category was my cousin!

I had a great time and I hope to play next year!

By Aoife


May 14, 2013. Class News. Leave a comment.

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