Friday Challenge


This Friday’s challenge brings together History and Geography as the challenge is to plan a trip to Dublin for a family of four.

You need to make sure your plan caters for the four special interests as described on your task sheet. As we discussed, you can present your plan on a poster or using a Powerpoint presentation. You can either work with a partner or on your own and you have almost two weeks to complete this challenge as the presentations will take place on Friday, 8th March.

Here are some links that may help you in planning your trip:

Heritage Ireland

The G.P.O.

Áras an Uachtaráin

Malahide Castle

Dublin City Sightseeing Tour

Walking Tour of Dublin

Viking Splash Tour


Dublin History & Heritage

Book of Kells

Croke Park

Aviva Stadium

National Aquatic Centre

Phoenix Park Bike Hire

National Gallery

Museum of Modern Art

National Museum

Dublin Writers’ Museum

Guinness Storehouse

National Concert Hall

The O2

Shopping in Dublin

Dublin Shopping Areas

Dublin Shopping Centres

Good luck and don’t forget if you come across a useful website please share it here!

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo

This week we have been learning about Marco Polo. We discovered these key facts:

  • Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1254
  • His father and uncle were explorers and when Marco was six years old they went on a long journey to the east.
  • They met Kublai Khan who was the ruler of Mongolia
  • Marco was 15 when they returned from their travels. He worked hard at school and learned four different languages because he wanted to be an explorer.
  • Marco was 17 when he set out for China
  • He saw coal and paper money for the first time in China
  • Marco Polo travelled home from China by boat and told everyone his stories about China
  • He wrote the story of his travels in his book “ The Travels of Marco Polo”. On his deathbed, Marco Polo said “I did not tell half of what I saw”

We watched a very interesting video clip which showed the journey that a team from National Geographic took as they retraced his steps. You can watch it again by clicking here.

Thanks to Ava for bringing in some Muslin cloth which they refer to in the video clip. Thanks also to Niall who brought in a few pieces of coal to show the children who have never seen coal.











We are now working on comic strips detailing the life ofMarco Polo.

Did you know?

Christopher Columbus was inspired by Marco Polo? He read a copy of Marco Polo’s book and made some notes on the side of the pages

Did you learn any other interesting facts about Marco Polo this week?

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