A Lesson on Fractions

Well done to Renitha who taught the class a lesson on fractions yesterday.

Renitha loves Maths and this was clear as she spoke about fractions with great confidence. She made use of this site in her lesson: http://www.coolmath4kids.com/fractions/

Well done Renitha & thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

We hope you have a lovely midterm break and look forward to seeing you back in a week. Here’s a selection of pictures from our class this week.

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Halloween Stories

We have been busy working on our Halloween stories.

We began by discussing the characteristics of a good story and brainstorming some ideas. We then wrote our first drafts and used our editing guidelines bookmark to edit our work and each other’s work. We conferenced and gave each other feedback. After that we re-wrote our story and we are now published writers as our Halloween stories are displayed in our classroom.

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Friday Challenge

We had an exciting day today as each group performed “Cailín na Gaillimhe” and did so to a very high standard.

Well done everybody, you did a fantastic job!

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Word of the Day – 26th October

Our word of the day is “burden” and we came across this word while discussing secrets during the Stay Safe Programme.

A burden is a heavy load. So, if you are keeping a bad secret, it will be a burden for you and make you upset. We discussed the importance of never keeping a bad secret and to always tell someone you trust.


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Pumpkin Raffle

Congratulations to Onaiwu who won the raffle for our class pumpkin!

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Halloween Art

We were very busy over the last couple of weeks making our scary Halloween  faces. We used kitchen rolls and PVA glue to construct the faces and then painted them.

Which faces do you think are the scariest?

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Clothes around the world

This week in Geography we were discussing clothes. We discussed different materials and investigated the different materials our clothes are made from. We also chatted about clothes around the world and the traditions that different cultures and countries have.

We were very grateful to Amanda, Renitha, Niall and Tomi who brought in some traditional clothes from Scotland, Africa and Indian. Amanda even brought in an artificial hoola skirt because Hawaii was one of the countries we discussed.

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Word of the Day – 24th October

Niall suggested today’s word as he was writing the first draft of his Halloween story and it is “subconscious”.

Wellington helped find it in the dictionary. Subconscious refers to “the contents of the mind of which someone is not themselves aware”. For example, “We have practised our Friday challenge so many times that it is now in our subconscious!

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Bairín Breac

Today we got to try some bairín breac and see who could find the ring. Darragh, a fifth class boy who was visiting us for the afternoon found it.

Did you know that finding the ring means you will have continued happiness?

An maith leat bairín breac?

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