Our the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Time.

We have been discussing and learning to tell the time in both analogue and digital format. We have also learned about using the 24-hour clock as well as adding, subtracting  and renaming time.

At times it has been a bit confusing! You can practise all the concepts by clicking on the following links and playing some time games.

Time Games

24-hour clock

Let us know which activities you found most helpful and which you enjoyed.

February 25, 2013. Maths. 3 comments.


This week we have been doing some work on Money.euro-notes-white-background

Here are some links to activities for you to try at home:

Comparing amounts of money

Rounding money amounts

Adding and subtracting money

Add, subtract, multiply and divide money

Making change

Price Lists

Price Lists with Multiplication

Which activities helped you? Which did you find tricky?

January 10, 2013. Maths. 1 comment.


This week we have been learning about fractions and in particular, we have been learning about thirds and sixths.

Here are some useful links to help you practice!

Fractions made easy

Playing with fractions

Fractions explained

Match with Melvin

Recognising Fractions

Which activity helped you most? Which did you like?




November 28, 2012. Maths. 3 comments.

Shape & Space

This week we are exploring shape and space in Maths.

We learned that a polygon is a 2D shape, made up of straight lines and the shape is closed. Examples of polygons are triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons and many more.

A rhombus is a square pushed out of shape.It looks like a diamond. All sides are equal in length, opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal.

A parallelogram is a rectangle pushed out of shape. Opposite sides are parallel and of equal length and opposite angles are equal.

Did you know?

  • A shape with 100 sides is called a Hectagon
  • A shape with 1000 sides is called a Chiliagon
  • A shape with 1,000,000 is called a Megagon
  • And a shape with 10 to the power of 100 is called a Googolgon!!

We played an exciting game based on shapes. You can play it by clicking here.

What’s your highest score?

November 6, 2012. Maths. 6 comments.