Word of the Day – 20th June

Todays word of the day is retain. We came across the word when we were looking at our 5th class book list.

It means to keep possession of something

by Cara & Oisín

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Word of the Day – 15th May

The word of the day today is ‘solemnly’.

I found it in my book ‘Too Many Blooms’ by Catherine R. Daly in the sentence “‘Parting with such sweet sorrow’ he said solemnly”.

To say something solemnly means to say it seriously or sincerely.

Written and suggested by Soraya

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Our School Tour

Our school tour is on Friday and we are really excited because we are going to the Viking Splash tour and Dublinia. We have been learning about how Vikings lived in the Middle ages. It will be great fun and we will have a picnic with our friends. We cannot wait.

Written by Renitha and Caoimhe

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The Scientists Return!

Today I brought in my microscope.

 Our spellings this week concern the prefixes “pre”and “micro” and suffixes “en” and “ment”. The two spellings on the list that I brought in were microbe and microscope. However, I had no microbes to view so they were substituted by something called paramencium. Paramencium lookes like green, orange or red grains of rice with small ovals inside.

Also, some people looked at a strand of my hair. If you looked at it with one light setting, it looked like a brown rope on a strip of black paper. But if you looked at it with the other light setting it looked like an actual strand of hair lit from the top.

You were able to change the amount of light in the first setting of light I mentioned. Do you think this makes a difference to what you see? Why?

By Aoife

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We Have Been Celebrating!

On Friday, afternoon we had a party for being shortlisted for the Junior Spiders Awards.We had great fun and we also watched a movie called “Tron”

RTE News2day had a special report on the Junior Spider Awards which you can view by clicking here. Look out for our blog name on the big screen beside Aidan Power during the One Direction song!

Written by Sean.

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The Seven Wonders of the World

Today Mark and Niall presented thier lesson on The Seven Wonders of the World.

We learned about the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, The Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil,  Niagra Falls, The Taj Mahal, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Pyramids. We learned lots of wonderful things from this lesson. The boys did a great lesson and they gave a fantasic presention. They were awarded 20 points each for their great work.

We thought it was a fantastic lesson.

  By Elizabeth and Ciara

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A Lesson on Portuguese Culture

On Friday last Soraya and Renitha taught us a wonderful lesson on Portuguese culture.

They prepared and presented a Powerpoint presentation to the class which contained information on Portugal’s location and good luck traditions as well as teaching us some phrases.

Click here to learn some Portuguese from the website the girls recommended.

What did you learn from the girls’ lesson?

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A Lesson on Fractions

Well done to Renitha who taught the class a lesson on fractions yesterday.

Renitha loves Maths and this was clear as she spoke about fractions with great confidence. She made use of this site in her lesson: http://www.coolmath4kids.com/fractions/

Well done Renitha & thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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A Lesson on China

On Friday last we had a wonderful lesson on China prepared and presented by Aoife, Ciara & Ellen.

The girls worked together over the last few weeks planning and preparing their lesson. Their Powerpoint presentation was enriched by a number of resources including photographs, drawings, Internet articles, Chinese clothes, dolls and even a very delicate Chinese sceptre.

Congratulations girls on an amazing lesson and thank you for all the time you spent preparing it. We all learned something new…..even Ms. Fay!

Children, please let us know what you learned about China from the girls’ lesson by leaving a comment.

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