Word of the Day – 29th November


Todays word is emanate. It means “to flow or come out from”.

For example; “The radio emanated a spooky sound, a bit like the Jaws theme tune.”

Written and suggested by Liam

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This week we have been learning about fractions and in particular, we have been learning about thirds and sixths.

Here are some useful links to help you practice!

Fractions made easy

Playing with fractions

Fractions explained

Match with Melvin

Recognising Fractions

Which activity helped you most? Which did you like?




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Word of the Day – 28th November

Today’s word is “tyrant” and we came across it during our discussion on adjectives.

A tyrant is “a ruler who exercises power in a harsh and cruel manner”. Hitler was definitely a tyrant.

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Friday Challenge

This Friday’s challenge is a two-part challenge. The first is Doodle for Google which we have been working on for the last week.

The second part of the challenge is to learn the key vocabulary from our chapter on the water cycle. The key words are:

The Water Cycle: This is the journey that water takes as it goes from land to the sky and back to land again.

Evaporation: This happens when water turns into water vapour or steam.

Condensation: This happens when water vapour or steam meets cold air.

Precipitation: This is when droplets of water fall as rain.

Surface water: Water that falls as rain back to Earth and drains into rivers, lakes and seas.

Ground water: Water that goes deep into the ground and remains in wells and underground lakes.

Don’t forget your water cycle song to help you remember!

Good luck!

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Word of the Day – 26th November

Soraya suggested today’s word as she came across it while reading Chapter 4 of Kensuke’s Kingdom and it is “cacophony”.

A cacophony refers to a group of harsh sounds. It appeared on page 62 in the following context: “Suddenly the forest was alive again with noise, a great cacophony of singing and hooting and howling and cawing and croaking”.


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Friday Challenge – Doodle for Google

Can you Doodle for Google?

This Friday’s challenge is an Art challenge and links in with a competition Google are running. They are looking for a new doodle based on the theme of “My Invention”.

Your doodle can be inspired by an existing invention, your favourite invention or even a new way of doing something. For example, a time travel machine, a new or existing sport or toy, a medical creation or a new way to do something old.

You may also like to think about:

  • Ways to help the world, such as saving endangered animals or ending global warming
  • Looking at new and inspiring ways to do everyday tasks or use everyday appliances
  • Developing new machines, toys or gadgets you wish existed
  • Medical marvels you can create to cure diseases or help people with disabilities

You need to give your Doodle a title and also to write a few lines about how your Doodle represents ‘My invention’. You could describe what your invention is, how it works, how it helps people, why you have chosen it, or perhaps how it has made an impact on your life or that of someone you know.

Remember, the Google logo must be clearly visible in your doodle. Here are some past Irish winners:


To get more inspiration, you can view all the different doodles by clicking here. We will share our doodles in class on Friday 30th November.

Happy Doodling!

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Water Cycle Song

Today, we started learning about the water cycle. To help us remember the difficult words, we have a special song.

Water Cycle Song

(Sang to the tune of She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain)

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does
(use pointer finger to make a big circle)

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does
(repeat finger circle)

It goes up as evap-oration
(move hands up to the sky)

Forms clouds as con-den-sation
(make a cloud overhead with arms)

Then comes down as pre-cip-it-ation, yes it does!
(sprinkle with fingers while bringing arms down in front of you)

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Word the Day – 19th November

Our word of the day is “encountered” and we decided on this word during our discussions on Kensuke’s Kingdom.

We were talking about the family meeting a storm in Chapter 3 and we felt encountered a storm was a better phrase instead of met a storm.

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This week we have been discussing the poem “Bullying” by Jim Halligan and it inspired us to write our own poems on bullying.


Bullying is not right.

It makes me feel so uptight.

My Mum says walk away.

My brother says stand and fight.

What should I do?

What should I say?

Just go away.

No, I just stand and cry.

They always tear my tie.

I feel so bad inside.

No one should bully or lie.

                                By Daniel *******************************************************************************************************


Calls texts and voicemails

Your telling prevails

Bulling isn’t fulfilling

Ever raging war against bullying

Reckless and pointless

Bullying is joyless

Unruly and daunting

Let’s stop bullying

Let’s start telling

You should always tell

It’s never your fault

Not always fights

Get ready for other types

 By Liam



Cyberbulling, it’s terribly mean

And upon almost every mobile phone screen

A disgusting message is printed there

Designed to intimidate and scare


Enough to drive anyone crazy

It makes your confidence grow hazy

It makes your happiness wither and die

So all you want to d0 is cry


This creates a burden that’ll always be there

Weighing you down, here and everywhere

Each message, as it comes, weakens you to the core

And sadly, no matter what you do, it happens more and more

By Aoife



Be strong and confident

Using me as a kick pad

Lonely all day and all night

Leave me alone.

You hurt my feelings every day.

It’s not your fault.

Never, never again.

Get away and stay away.

 By Amy 


Break time I hate

Understanding friends trying to help

Leave me alone!

Like a nightmare but I’m not asleep.

You hurt my feelings

I’m getting some help.

Never be afraid

Going home feeling sad.

By Ava


Message to a Bully

Stop leaving people out of games,

Don’t you dare call me names.

I feel frightened, weary and sad,

I think you are really mad.


I think you should really see,

How you are hurting me.

You are really very mean,

Someday you will be seen.


By Renitha


Bothering bullies

Useless me

Lonely standing there

Looking at the children playing together

I wish they’d include me instead of

Excluding me. No, no, no!

Do you think I should tell someone? Do you really?

By Seán



I hate bullying

My bully is tough

My brother says tell

My dog says “woof”

He tries to make me sob

He tries to make me cry

And I really hate it when

He calls me “small fry”

I sit on the step

Every single day

When he comes over to me

I say “Go away!”

But he won’t listen

He still picks on me

And I don’t know why

But this is the way it has to be

I don’t see why he’s so mean

This is the end of my poem

And it is written by me,



By Cian




Teacher, teacher help me here

I am here in fear

Sometimes they kick me

Sometimes they pick on me

Bullies, bullies everywhere


Bullies all around

Understanding people help you

Lonely out in yard

Leave me alone

You are being mean

I want this over

Never do it again

Go away and never come back.

By Christina




Beyond the name calling you become

Unsure of yourself but don’t

Lie, tell someone you trust

Like your family or friends.

Your family will help but

In case they don’t listen

Never let the bully invade your life.

Getting help is better than giving up


By Grace  


 Be strong and walk away

Unbearable and mean

Loneliness is certain

Look for a teacher, Mum or Dad

You can stop the bully!

Ignore the bully

Never your fault

Go tell someone you trust.


By Cara


Bullying is very cruel

Under it all bullies are fools

Laughing at me as they push me off a tree

Like crocodiles trying to eat me

Yet still I do not tell

I fear that they will hurt me

Nearly every day they torment me

Go away is what I say to them, but they never listen


By Mark


Be strong, stand up for yourself

Unsure of what to do

Lonely feeling

Laughing with your friends then crying

You don’t have to worry

Inside you feel scared

Nothing will stop it unless you tell someone

Get away from bullies – never fear.


By Ella


Oh no, here they come!

Nowhere to hide and I cannot run

They’ll catch me and they’ll be so cruel

Hit me, kick me and play with my mind

Tell me if I tell someone, I’ll regret it with my life

They’re mean, leave me out

Oh I feel feeble and they do worse:

They text me things and send me emails

Once I had a thought and it was silly to stand up

They’ll kill me

I’m so unsure, should I tell again

I really hate living the nightmare.

Why me?

I swear to take it away I’d give all my hair, an arm or a leg.

I don’t care.         

By Ciara  



Bullies, bullies they’re everywhere

They pick on me

They push me

They kick me


Bullies, bullies they’re everywhere

They take my tie

They take my shoes

Oh why do they have to lie?


Bullies, bullies, they’re everywhere

They pick on me

They push me

They kick me


  Bullying should not be a habit

Understanding people help you

Like it or not

Let them help

You must tell or they can’t help you

Intimidating and cruel

Never your fault

Get away.

By Oisín



I used to be bullied, all the time

She called me names and punched and kicked

I was all by myself.

All my friends pretended to be hers just so they weren’t bullied

She was popular and pretty

But she was mean and jealous

I don’t know why.

Then I learned in class

To tell my parents

They did help

But she still bullied me

Then I stood up to her

 And that did the trick

She is now in Belfast – yay for me!

By Soraya  


 Bullies, oh bullies, I hate the way they snigger

Unfairness is what they love – the way they think they’re oh so bigger

Like when they pull my shirt and treat us all like dirt

Leaving me alone so I can quiver in such fear

Yet my family and friends help me, I don’t listen to what I hear

Imagining the pain for you may not be very easy

Now every day when I go to school, I just feel very queasy

Give me back my dignity, I shouldn’t always feel so silly.


By Tomi


 Bullying is nasty,

It’s about cruelty and jealousy

Exclusion, physical, cyber and emotional.

They exclude me from games

And they call me names

They’ll take my treats

And things that I need.

I just wish I could tell and look for help

Or should I stand up for myself

What would you do yourself?


By Ellen 

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Artist of the Month – November 2012

The artist of the month for November is Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in Russia in 1866. He was a painter and one of the most famous 20th century artists.

Although Kandinsky was fascinated by colour when he was a child, he didn’t enrol at art school until he was 30 years old!

In 1900 Kandinsky studied art in Munich in Germany. At first, his paintings were realistic as the following paintings show:




However, over the years his style of painting changed dramatically, as they became more colourful, bold and less realistic. His style of art was known as abstract art as the following paintings show:

Kandinsky was inspired by music. He heard colours in music and saw music in colours and in his painting “Squares with concentric circles” Kandinsky painted colours that he felt best corresponded with the music he heard.

We were inspired to create our own concentric circles. Ms. Fay played a eight different pieces of music and we chose the colours that best suited the music. Here  we are hard at work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of Kandinsky’s style of painting?

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