Scratch Projects


We have been working on Scratch projects. Today Aoife and Ellen finished theirs and it was really good. Some people downloaded it at home and are making their own projects and hopefully will be entering the competition on March 22nd.

Two years ago past pupils from Ms.Fay’s class won the competition and got a certificate. Maybe someone in our class will win this year!

By Cara & Ella

February 28, 2013. Class News. 15 comments.

Word of the Day – 28th February

Today’s word of the day is “spherical”.

I found it in my book “Ratburger” by David Walliams.It was in the sentence, “She was, in a word, spherical”.

Spherical means round as a sphere, fat and plump.

Written and suggested by Donnchadh

February 28, 2013. Word of the Day. 7 comments.

Pope’s Final Audience


Today was the Pope Benedict the XVI (16th) Final Audience because he is resigning  tomorrow. He is the first Pope in six centuries not to serve for all of his life!

Up to 150,000 people gathered  in St. Peter’s Square in Rome this morning to wish him well. A new Pope will be selected by the group of Cardinals called a conclave. White smoke will appear out of the chimney of the Vatican, which is the current Pope’s home when they have made a decision.

Tomorrow, Pope Benedict will give up his red shoes and will wear brown shoes instead that were given to him by shoemakers during a trip to Mexico last year. He will live in his summer home in Rome then so the new Pope can move in to the Vatican.

It will be very exciting and we will be watching with interest!

You can view the pictures that we saw in class today by clicking here and watch the news footage here.                                                     

 By Onaiwu and Ciara

February 27, 2013. Class News. 5 comments.

Word of the Day – 27th February

Today our word of the day is “rheumatism”.

Oisín found it in his book “The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips” byMichael Morpurgo. The sentence was “Mum says it’s because of his rheumatism -it gets worse in damp weather.”

Rhuematism means to have a pain in your joints or muscles or even on the bone. It’s like arthritis and it must be very sore.

by Oisin & Daniel

February 27, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Friday Challenge


This Friday’s challenge brings together History and Geography as the challenge is to plan a trip to Dublin for a family of four.

You need to make sure your plan caters for the four special interests as described on your task sheet. As we discussed, you can present your plan on a poster or using a Powerpoint presentation. You can either work with a partner or on your own and you have almost two weeks to complete this challenge as the presentations will take place on Friday, 8th March.

Here are some links that may help you in planning your trip:

Heritage Ireland

The G.P.O.

Áras an Uachtaráin

Malahide Castle

Dublin City Sightseeing Tour

Walking Tour of Dublin

Viking Splash Tour


Dublin History & Heritage

Book of Kells

Croke Park

Aviva Stadium

National Aquatic Centre

Phoenix Park Bike Hire

National Gallery

Museum of Modern Art

National Museum

Dublin Writers’ Museum

Guinness Storehouse

National Concert Hall

The O2

Shopping in Dublin

Dublin Shopping Areas

Dublin Shopping Centres

Good luck and don’t forget if you come across a useful website please share it here!

February 26, 2013. Class Projects, Friday Challenge, History. 17 comments.

Word of the Day – 26th February

Mercilessly is today’s word of the day.

 Niall found it in his book “Friend or Foe” in the sentence, “She picked on Tucky mercilessey and David hated her for this”. It means to show no compassion or forgiveness.

by Niall & Matthew

February 26, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.



Our the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Time.

We have been discussing and learning to tell the time in both analogue and digital format. We have also learned about using the 24-hour clock as well as adding, subtracting  and renaming time.

At times it has been a bit confusing! You can practise all the concepts by clicking on the following links and playing some time games.

Time Games

24-hour clock

Let us know which activities you found most helpful and which you enjoyed.

February 25, 2013. Maths. 3 comments.

Word of the Day – 25th February

Today’s word is ‘inquisitive’. It is a word that I have been meaning to suggest.

It means to be enthusiastic to find out somthing eg. The young boy was inquisitive when I mentioned a surprise present.

Wrtten and suggested by Aoife

February 25, 2013. Word of the Day. 1 comment.

Amazing News!

Junior spiders

We are thrilled!! Our class blog has been shortlisted for a Junior Spiders Award in the category of Best School Blog.

The Junior Spider Awards recognise and reward classes for the successful and creative ways of using the Internet for learning.We are one of five schools shortlisted in our category and you can view all the other blogs by clicking here.

The award ceremony takes place on Tuesday 5th March in the RDS. We have our fingers and toes crossed!!

February 25, 2013. Class News. 33 comments.

Friday Challenge – 21st February


This week’s challenge was to select a newspaper headline that attracted your attention.

There were some great headlines ranging from current affairs to sport to Justin Bieber! The class had to say whether it was an obvious or obscure headline and predict what the story might be about.

Bonus points went to Seán whose headline “The Odd Couple” stumped the class. We were all surprised when Seán revealed it related to a rugby article about Declan Kidney and Brian O’Driscoll’s relationship!

Congratulations to everyone on some very interesting headlines!

What did you think of this challenge?

February 23, 2013. Friday Challenge. 5 comments.

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