Cameras Rolling!

We started shooting our claymations movies this week. Some of us have already finished and are putting them together on Movie Maker. Others are still on the shooting stage. We have been having a lot of fun though it was quite tricky and some of us had to start all over again!  But when you are on the movie making stage that’s when it starts to get even more fun. We will have to add in voices, sound effects and music!  

At the end all the hard work pays off by it being displayed and shown to many!!

Reported by Ellen and Ciara

May 24, 2013. Class Projects. 7 comments.

Claymations Project

Claymations is an animation project that is made from clay. It is a very long process but fun all the same.We are all doing a very good job  at it and have very creative ideas.We are of course doing it in groups because if we  were to do by ourselves it would take ages. To do claymations you need:

  • of course clay,
  • an idea,
  • props
  • and a camera (a tripod would be recommended)

After you’ve got everything you can start your movie. It takes time and effort to look good though so you don’t rush.

We have planned ours and made our characters, as you can see from the photos. We will give an update when we start shooting.

Written by Tomi

May 15, 2013. Class Projects. 2 comments.

A Tour of Dublin

Over the past few weeks we have been presenting our plans for a five-day tour of Dublin for the Ryan family from Galway.

The task was to plan a tour of Dublin which catered for the interests of the Ryan family. Mr. Ryan likes history and wants to learn more about the Vikings. Mrs. Ryan enjoys shopping and would like to visit a museum. Paul Ryan has a huge interest in GAA and told his teacher he would see the Book of Kells and Amy Ryan loves swimming and would like to see a JLS concert while in Dublin.

The projects were outstanding and of an extremely high quality. The creativity of everyone was amazing as we had poster presentations, Powerpoint presentations, a letter and even a brochure. Everyone did very well in presenting their project to the class and we gave both positive and constructive feedback on each of the projects.

As you can see from the photos there was a huge amount of planning, research and creativity involved.

Congratulations everyone on doing a super job!

May 14, 2013. Class Projects, Friday Challenge. Leave a comment.

Worm Watch – Day 2

Today we looked at our wormery and a few changes have occurred.

We spotted two worms. You can’t see all of the worms because they like to stay in the middle and they get used to the dark . The soil has mixed in with the sand but no other things have happened . We are excited to see the changes that will happen over the next few days!

Written by Renitha and Ciara


March 20, 2013. Class Projects. 1 comment.

Worm watch

Today we looked at our wormery. Not much happened over the past few days. The layers were a little bit mixed together .

We will check it again during the week.

By Daniel & Oisin

March 12, 2013. Class Projects. Leave a comment.

Making a Wormery


Today, we learned all about earthworms and even made our own class wormery with the help of our new teacher, Ms. Darby.

To do this we used half of a large plastic water bottle and we placed a layer of stones at the bottom of the bottle. We then put a few layers of damp soil and sand in the bottle before placing a layer of grass and leaves on top. Finally, we put the worms on top and this caused great excitement!

Once our wormery was made, we placed the plastic bottle in a large shoebox as worms like the dark. Between now and Easter we will be on worm watch to see what happens!!

What do you think will happen inside the wormery? What facts did you learn about earthworms today?

March 7, 2013. Class Projects. 4 comments.

Friday Challenge


This Friday’s challenge brings together History and Geography as the challenge is to plan a trip to Dublin for a family of four.

You need to make sure your plan caters for the four special interests as described on your task sheet. As we discussed, you can present your plan on a poster or using a Powerpoint presentation. You can either work with a partner or on your own and you have almost two weeks to complete this challenge as the presentations will take place on Friday, 8th March.

Here are some links that may help you in planning your trip:

Heritage Ireland

The G.P.O.

Áras an Uachtaráin

Malahide Castle

Dublin City Sightseeing Tour

Walking Tour of Dublin

Viking Splash Tour


Dublin History & Heritage

Book of Kells

Croke Park

Aviva Stadium

National Aquatic Centre

Phoenix Park Bike Hire

National Gallery

Museum of Modern Art

National Museum

Dublin Writers’ Museum

Guinness Storehouse

National Concert Hall

The O2

Shopping in Dublin

Dublin Shopping Areas

Dublin Shopping Centres

Good luck and don’t forget if you come across a useful website please share it here!

February 26, 2013. Class Projects, Friday Challenge, History. 17 comments.

Photostory Presentations

Over the past couple of months we have been working on creating Photostories during our classes in the computer room. We were working in pairs and each pair picked a country they were interested in. We had a range of countries and cities from France, Hawaii, Scotland and Brazil to London, LA, Germany & California. We researched some facts on the countries and downloaded some photos to accompany these facts.

Last week we presented them to the class as you can see below.

What did you learn from watching the other children’s Photostories?

December 3, 2012. Class Projects. 3 comments.

Paralympic Project

During September we were very busy tracking Team Ireland at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

We kept a medal tally and followed all our favourite Paralympic athletes such as Bethany Firth, Michael McKillop, Mark Rohan, Catherine Walsh, Jason Smyth & Helen Kearney.

We found out many interesting facts. Did you know?

  • The Paralympics were founded by Dr. Ludwig Guttman in London in 1948. At that time, only past soldiers from World War 2 with a back injury could participate.
  • The first official Paralympic Games were held in Rome in 1960.
  • There were 164 nations and 3,300 athletes participating in this year’s Paralympic Games.
  • The mascot for the Paralympic Games is Mandeville. Wenlock is the Olympic mascot and they were made from two drops of steel from the last girder used to build the Olympic stadium.
  • There are four values of the Paralympics. These are: Determination, Inspiration, Courage & Equality (D.I.C.E.)
  •  The Paralympic motto is “Spirit in Motion”

The 2012 Paralympics was the most successful for Team Ireland. There were 49 Irish athletes and they achieved sixteen medals in total – eight gold, three silver and five bronze. Ireland came 19th out of all the nations competing.

Team Ireland were an inspiration to all of us. We were inspired to write about the Paralmpics and even to design and construct a gold medal from clay as you can see from our photos.


Click on the following links to watch the highlights of the 2012 Paralympic Games

Which moment inspired you?

October 8, 2012. Class Projects. 5 comments.