Word of the Day – 30th April

The word of the day is “serenely”.

I found it in my book “Alice B. Lovely” by Karen McCombie.

It was in the sentence, “Behind them, people were serenely browsing the library for books and DVD’s”.

To do something serenely means to do something calmly and peacefully.

Written and suggested by Soraya

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A Day in Croke Park

Today we went to Croke Park to see our girls’ camogie team play against Pope Pius X.

We got a bus there and sang songs on the way to the match. Mr.Hegarty got us seats close to the pitch so we could see the match well. We cheered the team on! The score was 2-2 so there was extra time but after it was still a draw.

The girls played extremely well. We will be sharing the cup.  Hopefully we will be playing next year and our school will be cheering us on.

Written by Cara and Amy

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Word of the Day – 29th April

Today’s word of the day is “enquiringly”.

I came across it in my book  “Queenie” by Jacqueline Wilson. It was in this sentence, “My shaking making her lift her head enquiringly”.

To do something enquiringly means to seek information or to ask about something.

Written and suggested by Elizabeth

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Word of the Day – 26th April

Today’s word of the day is “admiringly”.

I found it in my book “The Famous Five Run Away” in this sentence, “Good for you old thing ! said Julian, admiringly“.

 It means to cast an admiring glance.

Written & suggested by Ludiana

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Artist of the Month – March/April

The Artist of the Month for March/April is Leonardo da Vinci.


We brainstormed the information that we knew about him and then we visited the Art Gallery in school to do some more research. We viewed some of da Vinci’s paintings and discovered the following interesting facts:

  • Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in 1452
  • In 1483 he settled in Milan
  • He painted the “Virgin on the Rocks” painting in 1485

virgin on rocks

  • In 1497 he painted “The Last Supper”

last supper

  • He became a military adviser in 1502
  • He worked on “The Mona Lisa” from 1503-1506. She was believed to be a merchant’s wife. It hangs in the Louvre in Paris

mona lisa

  • In 1516 he was invited to work in France by the King of France
  • da Vinci died in 1519 aged 67

Da Vinci was a very talented man who was a Renaissance artist, sculptor and an inventor and we viewed some sketches of his inventions including the flying machine he invented hundreds of years before the aeroplane or helicopter was invented.

You can view some interesting facts about da Vinci and a video of his work by clicking here

We were inspired by da Vinci’s portraits to sketch portraits of each other. The turned out really well.

What do you think of da Vinci’s work?

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Well done boys!

Well done to Mark, Liam, Oisín, Daniel, Niall and Donnchadh who are on the junior hurling team this year.

The boys represented the school today playing their first match in Rush, Co. Dublin.

We know you will do great boys!….Congratulations on making the team!


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Word of the Day 25/4/13

Today’s word of the day is  “contrary”.

I found it in my book  “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” BY JK Rowling in the sentence “On the contrary, his face split into a wide smile”.

The word contrary means opposite or opposed to each other.

Written and suggested by Christina.

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The Scientists Return!

Today I brought in my microscope.

 Our spellings this week concern the prefixes “pre”and “micro” and suffixes “en” and “ment”. The two spellings on the list that I brought in were microbe and microscope. However, I had no microbes to view so they were substituted by something called paramencium. Paramencium lookes like green, orange or red grains of rice with small ovals inside.

Also, some people looked at a strand of my hair. If you looked at it with one light setting, it looked like a brown rope on a strip of black paper. But if you looked at it with the other light setting it looked like an actual strand of hair lit from the top.

You were able to change the amount of light in the first setting of light I mentioned. Do you think this makes a difference to what you see? Why?

By Aoife

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Interesting Fact- Coils of Coils

I read an interesting article on DNA.

The DNA molecule is twisted round itself to form a coil, like a piece of string wrapped around a pencil. That coil is then twisted around itself to make a coiled coil.                                                                                                                                                       

If the coiled coil of DNA in just one human cell was unwound and stretched out in a straight line it would be over ten feet long.   If all the DNA in your body was unravelled, it could go to the sun and back  600 times!!!

Suggested and written by Tomi


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Word of the Day – 24th April

Today’s word of the day is “”jaded”.

I found it in my book “Fields of  Home” by Marita Conlon-McKenna in this sentence,  “Peggy O’Driscoll was jaded,  just jaded”.

To be jaded means to be really tired.

Written and suggested by Cara

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